Tax Return Preparation Eugene Oregon

As tax time again creeps upon us, Oregon residents begin compiling the documentation they will need to file their taxes. In order to get the highest returns, some simple tax return preparation Eugene Oregon can help.

Know Your Exemptions

Exemptions equal a large sum of money, and failing to claim one can be a mistake worth thousands of dollars. If you are responsible for the care and well being of an individual, it is worth it to talk to one of our tax professionals to see if they qualify as an exemption.

Keep Records Organized

One of the best ways to implement proper tax return preparation Eugene Oregon is to ensure files are kept accurate throughout the year. In addition, prior years’ records should be easily obtainable.

Use Correct Filing Status

While filing head of household can increase a return substantially, there are some individuals who do not qualify. Filing in error to reap the rewards of a large return can cause the taxpayer to end up paying more in penalties. The best way to know the correct filing status is to speak with a professional.

Call Today

While the deadline is still months away, it is never too late to begin preparing. By getting a head start and following these tips, you have the best chance of claiming all deductions that you qualify for, and our professional staff is available to help you sort out all of the technicalities and get you on the path to a quick and easy tax season.